Li Liuyi’s new work February premieres, one piano and eight chairs create a minimalist poetic space

Li Liuyi’s new work “February” premieres, one piano and eight chairs create a minimalist poetic space
Newly produced by the National Grand Theater, directed by Li Liuyi, composed by Wang Yiyi, Wang Wei, Lu Fang, Huang Wei, Ou Ning, Huang Chengcheng and actors from the National Grand Theater actors and actresses, based on a modern novel written by the Chinese novelist Rou Shi”February” completed its premiere on January 15 at the National Theatre.The drama “February” is another new work of the National Grand Theater after “Jane Love” and “Tuina” to put literary classics on the stage of the drama. It is also the director of Li Liuyi after “My Life” and “Spring in the Small Town”.An adaptation of a “pure drama” classic.Li Liuyi said: “Thank you very much for the production of this work by the National Grand Theater Committee, and promote Rou Shi’s” February “as a classic of modern Chinese literary history, growing up on today’s theater stage.This is an artistic practice of humanistic drama, which is attached to the aesthetic practice of historical philosophy contained in literature; this is the future expression of adhering to the historical and cultural spirit, which brings the drama back to its original origin.”Photo courtesy of the National Grand Theater In order to better express the literary nature of the original novel, the drama” February “also retains the original language in the lines, and also creates a very poetic space in visual presentation.On the ethereal stage, eight wooden chairs rise slowly in the center next to a piano. A ridge of “pond water” next to the piano is the name of the author of the metal “Abyss” in front of the stage, soft and hard.The meaning of the entire stage is more abundant.Director Li Liuyi said: “‘Rou’ is soft, and the stage is displayed with water, which means that the good is like water; ‘Stone’ is hard, and it also symbolizes the firmness of the Chinese land.”The overall design of Maimei is simple and powerful, and it is close to the cold and hot weather in early spring and February and the” ideal country “environment of Furong Town in the play. The 3-degree inclined platform covers the main stage and maximizes the visual of the stage.The weather changes of fog, rain and snow are also generated by the hanging device in the middle.The same “subtraction” process is also reflected in the lighting design. The simplified light source characteristics, metal texture and water contrast, reduce color changes, and only reconstruct through the difference in color temperature. While visually restoring the novel’s literary nature, the audience will alsoMore focus is on the actors’ performance.Photo courtesy of the National Grand Theater It is reported that the drama “February” will continue until January 22 (closed on the 20th).Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Ai Ni proofreading Liu Jun

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